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Welcome to Rear.Release.Regroup.'s newsletter.  I'm super excited you dropped by because mentoring moms is a big passion of mine (having been in the mama business for twenty-seven years - sheweeee)!

  • Are you ready to learn how to raise your son to confident adulthood?  To bring him up to serve the Lord and love people?  
  • Do you long for a strong marriage, one to stand the test of time and not only stand, but grow and thrive?
  • How about a fresh, quick boost to your prayer life?
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As a subscriber to this newsletter and my blog, RearReleaseRegroup.com, you will receive practical advice on how to raise your kids to be generous, responsible, and followers of Christ.  You will learn how to grow a stronger marriage and a deeper relationship with God.  You will receive Biblical advice and guidance on marriage.  And sometimes, you will receive a *post purely intended for comedic relief.

(You can delete said humorous posts if you like.  I don't mind.  I won't know anyway.)

(However, I strongly recommend you "to not to"--in the words of my grandson's favorite movie character, Mater--because you know what?  Life is hard.)

*A sense of humor is paramount to rearing children and making marriage work.  Laughter has always been a hallmark of our family, and something I can't live without.  #becauselife.

Anyhoo, I'm happy to have you along on this adventure of capturing joy in the transitions of parenting.  Now let's get a move on, mama!  We've got ground to cover!

"Strength and dignity are her clothing,
and she laughs at the time to come."  ~Proverbs 31:25




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